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Antivirus and security solutions, however, are not all certified yet.Installing security software that is not yet tested with the new operating system could prove disastrous.For this review, I've looked at five products that offer central, policy-based management of desktops and servers.To provide a consistent context, I asked each vendor to provide its product's management console along with desktop antivirus software.

Once open, you have access to an overview and different sections of security tools.

It helps you reduce the risk of data loss and malware infection by giving you control of removable devices like USB keys, drives and wireless networking devices.

You can control device use with the client that scans for malware and controlled applications.

If you're looking for a discussion of desktop threat-protection mechanisms, you won’t find it here.

This review and its ratings are unabashedly—and narrowly—focused on the policy management interface and don't evaluate each product's utility for its intended purpose of protecting your desktops.

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