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A dar loro una mano arriva inoltre Sophie, eccentrica vicina di casa, una donna in carriera che le prende in simpatia e le aiuta a emergere nel difficile mondo degli affari.Quality Metrics Why is the Quality Metrics Initiative so important? How can I participate and make an impact in the pharmaceutical industry?The party is often referred to as Northern League by English-language sources, while in Italy it is also referred to simply as Lega or Carroccio.The LN was founded in 1991 as a federation of several regional parties of Northern and Central Italy, notably including Liga Veneta, Lega Lombarda, Piemont Autonomista, Uniun Ligure, Lega Emiliano-Romagnola and Alleanza Toscana.ISPE has been leading the charge in bringing the pharmaceutical industry and regulators together to create an open dialogue on shaping the Quality Metrics program as it is launched industry wide.Learn more about this initiative and how it is impacting the pharmaceutical industry.

At times the LN has advocated Padanian nationalism and the secession of the North, referred to by party members as Padania.Soon the girl will start to bear the weight of these responsibilities while growing the desire to resume running after her dreams.Lega Nord (LN; literally "North League"), whose complete name is Lega Nord per l'Indipendenza della Padania ("North League for the Independence of Padania"), is a regionalist political party in Italy.Nonostante l'apparenza, Caroline è una ragazza decisamente sveglia, dotata di molta inventiva e di uno spiccato senso imprenditoriale.Notando la maestria culinaria dell'amica, le propone di sfruttare questa sua dote in modo più proficuo, così da diventare socie d'affari: con le mance della tavola calda e la vendita dei cupcake, cercano di mettere insieme quanti più soldi possibili per aprire una pasticceria, affinché entrambe possano riscattarsi dalle rispettive situazioni.

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Prior to the party's adoption of the term, Padania was infrequently used to name the Po Valley and was promoted since 1963 by sports journalist Gianni Brera as a modern name for Cisalpine Gaul.

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