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Here are some of our favourite double-entendres, intentional and purely accidental, from series past and present. " This inevitable bread week "bap" innuendo came courtesy of Mel and Sue • The Great British Bake Off: our favourite recipes “Stop fiddling with your pirates!

However, while the change has been mostly been accepted with open arms, some are already annoyed or bothered by the update.You've had a great day, Nancy" Nancy receives the ultimate compliment in week one "You have got two hours to pop Mary's cherry..." The second half of this quote from Sue was: "..the oven, and bring it out again.But we liked the deliberately large gap she left between. But I just like to feel it" Nancy explains why she prefers traditional mixing methods “I’m ganaching my buns” A self-explanatory but none-the-less hilarious comment from the competition's oldest-ever baker, 69-year-old Diana “You’ve got the best-tasting offcuts in the biz!This fact hasn’t stopped Lively users from setting up sex rooms fully equipped with live action streaming videos and quickly topping the charts on the home page.Google has banned the adult content, taking complaints from other Lively users very seriously.

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